Choir Registration
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Welcome to the ArchOmaha Unite Choir!

We have received your registration. If you did not specify the rehearsals you plan to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. We look forward to singing with you.

Step 1:

Register for UNITE

Step 2:

Register for the CHOIR

Register below, using the online form OR print this registration form and return to  Krystal Peteler at


We will save a specific place, a robe, music, free food, and water for the day for choir members.

*SHOW YOUR DEANERY SPIRIT - Special Summer Party will be held for the Urban and Rural Deaneries that have the most Singers sign up!

All our meals and all our living make as sacraments of Thee, that by sharing, helping, giving, we may true disciples be. Allelluia, alleluia. We will serve Thee faithfully.

                            From Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether