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The ArchOmaha Unite Choir will be led by Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer and Michael Emmerich. Rehearsals will be held throughout the Archdiocese beginning March 2.


Choir REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED if you plan to sing for this event. This guarantees everyone a seat. This also provides for good communication and ensures robes, water, food etc. for all our members.

A PDF of all of the music that you will need is available on this website. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT IT – as a copy of this music will be made for each singer and will be in a single book, to be available for you at rehearsals. Also on this website are recordings of all of the music that will be sung by the choir. If you are a Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass – there are recordings for you! There are also Full Choir recordings of a few pieces for you to hear things all together.

Mary Consecration - All music selected represents music that is sung somewhere in the Archdiocese – and there is one new song for this

special day in which we will all unite in a prayer of consecration to Mary,

O Mighty Mother! This song is available for download and we ask that it

be distributed and learned in each parish as a preparation for this act

of consecration. The PDF of this piece is available in the SCORES and the Prayer of Preparation will be available on cards that will be brought to

each parish by ArchOmaha Unite Parish Preparation teams throughout

the spring.


Using the Website – There are multiple ways to use the website.

Once you have attended a rehearsal, you may read your music, along

with listening to recordings. You may see the scores online. Or you

may just want to listen to your part.

Intergenerational – Some choirs in the Archdiocese are intergenerational. ALL singers, high school age and older, are invited to be in the choir.


Rehearsals – Note that the rehearsals will happen in many different

parts of the Archdiocese. You are welcome to attend any and all, but be certain to attend at least 3 so we are well-prepared.